Social Justice Endowment Fund 2013 Awards

LUMC Fellowship image 3One of the most transformational ministries at Lexington United Methodist Church is our Social Justice Endowment Fund.  In 2013, we awarded $13,300 in gifts to the life changing ministry of applicants throughout the world.  Here is a brief description of some of the groups who applied for endowment funds and the corresponding awards:

  • Project Chacocente moves families from the city dump of Managua, Nicaragua to the clean air and fertile soil of Masaya, where the people learn skills for living independently.  One of the first children of the dump, Madeling, had a dream of becoming a teacher in the Chacocente School.  Our grant will be used to pay her salary as a full time librarian in the school.  Award amount: $2600

  • The Vigil A documentary film about resistance, faith and three immigrant women who take a stand against Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law. For over three months last year, three women led a vigil against America’s toughest anti-illegal immigration law, Senate Bill 1070. They were present on the Arizona state capitol lawn from dawn every day, in 100 degree weather, to send a message to the legislators and to the public, create hope and leave fear behind.  Our award will be used to assist with archival licensing.   Award amount: $3850

  • The Tigris and Euphrates Forum has been working for years to provide refuge to over 70 Iraqi families in the United States.  They provide assistance in finding affordable living spaces, legal fees and educational support.  Our award will help them secure the legal assistance they need to obtain tax exempt status.  Award amount: $2,850

  • Voices for Justice is a group of progressive United Methodists who sponsor a conference to educate and inform the Church about issues pertaining to human rights.  The 2014 Conference will focus on the intersection of oppressions experienced by LGBTQ folks and people of color.  Our award will be used to publicize the event.  Award amount: $1500

  • Worcester Fellowship provides pastoral care and outreach to people living on the street in Worcester, MA.  An outdoor church provides worship on Sunday afternoons.  The church would like to expand their ministry to include a soup kitchen and provide pastoral care throughout the week.  Our award will be used to support these two additional ministries.  Award amount:  $2,500