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The website of the preschool located in our building.


In 1961, Lexington had a large population of young children but only two nursery schools. Members of the Lexington Methodist Church wanted to sponsor a nursery school–in its brand-new education wing–that would offer a high-quality, affordable preschool education to as many children as possible. Through the winter and spring of 1962, church members  set about making their vision become reality. They invited educators to interview and explain their philosophy to the committee. Eventually, they selected Marjorie Williams to head the school and design the education program that continues to this day. Methodist Weekday School opened in September 1962.

In the years since then, MWS has had seven directors, all of whom raised their families in Lexington and sent their own children to MWS. Today, the United Methodist Church continues to house MWS and support the school’s guiding principles and educational philosophy.